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85 Harriot Avenue
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Administrator Information
  • Assist with the collective bargaining processes of the Borough and recommend to the Mayor and Council collective bargaining agreements for consideration and approval by the Council and administer all employee organization contracts reached through the collective bargaining process.
  • Direct, supervise and coordinate the activities of all departments, offices, and agencies of the Borough, except as otherwise provided by law, and administer the affairs of the Borough to ensure that all Borough business is accomplished efficiently and economically.
  • Recommend to the Council the creating, consolidating, and combining of offices, positions, departments, or units of the administrative and executive departments of the Borough.
  • Assist the CFO and Finance Committee in preparing and submitting to the Mayor and Council a recommended annual budget for operations and recommended capital programs and administer the approved budget after adoption.
  • Evaluate Borough projects, programs, agreements, equipment, and services and make recommendations on modifications and improvements thereto.
  • All offices and departments shall submit all matters requiring Council action or attention to the Borough Administrator, who shall submit them to the Council with recommendations as may be deemed necessary. All departmental or employee requests shall be submitted to the Borough Administrator, who shall provide instruction in conjunction with the Mayor and Council as to policy and action. Except as otherwise provided by state law or ordinance, elected and appointed Borough officers shall deal with the administrative services of the Borough through the Borough Administrator in conjunction with the Mayor and Council and shall not give orders to subordinates of the Borough Administrator, either publicly or privately.


Kunjesh Trivedi, CFO/CTC/QPA

Phone: 201-768-8185
Fax: 201-768-3038

Office Hours:
Monday-Friday: 9am-4pm


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